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Hello, I'm David. I have loved LEGO ever since I was 2-3 and still love it till now,(I'm 13) but i did experience my Dark Age (more on that later). Right now I participate in PhLUG, the only recognized Philippine LEGO Users Group by LEGO. (Woot woot!) 

When i was 2 years old, me and my family temporarily lived in Japan. My brother, who is older than me, loved LEGO, and we would often go and look around Osaka for LEGO. The set i remember i loved so much was from the Knight's Kingdom 2 theme, 8876 Scorpion Prison Cave

I also remember having plenty of the NBA sets, and even the older adventurers sets. One experience I really loved in Japan was the LEGO scoop. There was this BIG table, full of LEGO and you pay around 1000 yen (if i remember) for a scoop. I don't know if that was expensive or cheap, but i did get a lot of parts from there that i still use until now. 

Studying in an International School, they had LEGO in almost every room, so that helped me develop my love for LEGO. Other kids would even fight with me as everyday, i would get the Darth Vader minifig and hide it in a cabinet, so when its playtime, I'm the only one who know where it is (diabolical laugh here). 

3-4 years later, when i was 6, we went back to the Philippines, thankfully, my parents brought all the LEGO with us. But being a LEGO fan here was harder than in Japan, prices were extravagant (usually x1.5-3 of US price). My craving for LEGO was only satisfied by the LEGOs my dad buys when he goes out of the country. And because of these hard times, my Dark Age was coming... 

Although my LEGO collection never left my room, I lost interest playing with them, as i thought it was time consuming, and i had more important stuff to do, not realizing that LEGO would later on change my life for the better. For 2 years, I lost interest, 2 years, i regret. 

But this is why i love theBrickBlogger, on March of 2009 ( i think), I searched online for LEGO, i did not know why... But this search led me to a great discovery, this blog. 

TheBrickBlogger put me back on the right track. I loved LEGO again, I once again played with my collection that was collecting dust already. And as i grew more and more in love with LEGO, there were a couple of blogs i visited everyday just to keep up with the news ( (which is now gone:( ),,,, and 

And as time passed by, I searched for the Philippine LEGO community, i needed. And i found Philippine Bricksters on Multiply, but after seeing the age restrictions, i was discouraged. I think it was Christmas of 09, when i saw this huge LEGO christmas display in SM North Edsa (its a mall here) and I saw that there was still hope, people still loved LEGO. But i intentionally forgot about the Phil. bricksters as i couldn't join anyway. But this did not stop me from loving LEGO.

On May of 2013, i was scrolling through Facebook, and i randomly searched Philippines LEGO, which led me to PhLUG, which contributed a lot to my hobby right now. 

I've been posting on theBrickBlogger for awhile now, and hope i would continue writing here. Its a joy to see the community like and appreciate my posts. Thanks everyone!

Here goes a so unoriginal fact thing, the other contributors are doing (this is in random order)
-I've been to Legoland Malaysia twice now, one being a VIP trip.
-I know how to swim, but often don't like to.
-I try to keep my collection as organized as possible. (OCD much?)
-I'm part of my school's robotics team.
-I really love the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy as well as the Back to The Future ones.
-I used to love reading, now not as much.
-I dislike the smell of taxis.
-As i lived in Japan, i love japanese food, especially Takoyaki.
-I love computers and everything related to them, like programming.
-I'm part Chinese and know how to speak the language... 你好!
-I'm not proud of my hand writing,it looks like a 5 year olds.
-I used to be scared of heights, not anymore.
-I'm allergic to those fluffy stuffed animals.
-I love to act.
-My brother wanted to name me Goliath, how ironic :D
-I like to whistle.
-At this point, i'm running out of facts.
-I won our school pageant once by singing "numa-numa"
-I can get along with anyone if i put my mind into it.
-When someone would ask me what i want to be when i grow up, i always answer: "I'm not sure yet."
-I used to speak Japanese, but Chinese has then replaced it.
-I represented the Philippines in the LEGO build your world event in Legoland Malaysia.
-I don't have anything else to say anymore...

Well, i hope you guys enjoyed the list of wierd and interesting facts. Want to know more? Feel free to ask in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!


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